Take back control of your time.

allyourtime is your companion in managing your life’s units of time. allyourtime is for you if you are eager to understand and manage your time efficiently. It is a unique hybrid tool integrating paperback and digital solutions, the perfect proof that handwriting is still a vital part of our life. This is even more relevant in a social context when that unit of time is not spent individually, so it allows social interaction of humans in the same physical or virtual space.

Handwriting is not dead

Whether it boosts one’s creativity or becomes a tool to have a temporary disconnection from all gadgets and electronic devices, handwriting is still a vital part of our life.


However, the need to merge paperback and digital solutions is getting more and more relevant. Combining the two takes the experience of taking notes to the next level.

Time management

Managing time is not essential for happiness. But having time for what really matters is. This is what this tool offers.