Take back control of your time.

[allyourtime] is the perfect tool for people who value their time. We are a group of enthusiastic, highly digital people, who still have a love for paper. This is why we integrated paperback and digital solutions.

Handwriting is not dead

Whether it boosts one’s creativity or becomes a tool to have a temporary disconnection from all gadgets, handwriting is still a vital part of our life. Boost your creativity and improve your digital health with [allyourtime] notebooks!

Still digital

Your [allyourtime] notebook comes with a unique app which combines your notes, tasks and calendar. Scanning your handwritten notes in the app takes only a few seconds.

Help us save you more time

Our group of developers and UX designers are constantly working on improving your experience. We have a simple goal: we want to save you time for things that matter. Help us improve [allyourtime] by sending your feedback.


    • András Farkas
      He was struck almost a decade ago by the idea of trying to bend time. While that is not possible, he is fond of diaries, calendars on paper, but he also adapted his mindset to the reality of the digital and hybrid world.
    • Lóránd Fülöp
      Code is in his blood. He embraced the dream of András and transformed it in reality and migrated it to the digital world. He coordinated the app and web development of allyourtime.
    • Réka Kisgyörgy
      Production Control Coordinator
      There is always a person who is critical in taking processes and bringing them to a conclusion. She connects every involved team member and subcontractors in working together on delivering our products to you.
    • Szende Soare
      Business Services Sales Representative
      She takes care in reaching out to new customers and developing new distribution channels. If you will note our notebook popping up in various offline and online stores, it is her work. 
    • Edina Nagy
      Communication Trainee
      Engaging with customers is the key to stay relevant. If you see a post on social media with an engaging or informative caption just know that she is the person behind it.


  • allyourtime is designed by BOLD Studio
  • allyourtime is printed by IDEA
  • allyourtime is developed by aprilred

Legal entity

Company name: NU AM TIMP SRL

Registration number: RO 41247068

Company address: Tirgu Mures, str. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr. 18, ap- 5, jud. Mures

Contact address: hello@allyourtime.com