You might have had the experience of not being able to find the most relevant information in a short time as you needed to go through a pile of note. The CONNECT function in the [allyourtime] world aims to solve this problem by allowing you to make the most relevant connection between entries which contain related information for you.

Connect is available everywhere. You can make relevant connection between your notes, tasks and moments. This tool can be relevant when it is vital for you to have some notes attached to a meeting you had or when you have tasks to solve prior or after a meeting or event took place. Connect also allows you to open and manage entries on your screen in parallel or you can also connect multiple relevant entries for yourself in a chain.


For convenience, one note, moment or task can have multiple connections, too.

Making a connection is very simple in the app or in the desktop control, too. By just starting to type the name of the entry you want to connect to your current one, our app will instantly search with phrases similar to what you already typed in. This way it will take you just a couple of seconds to find the item you were searching for in order to connect it to your current one.

After the connection is created, one can view the connected content by just one simple click. The connection appears on both sides.