We have worked for several months in creating our workflow in rolling out the [allyourtime business] notebooks. Based on our standard collections, [allyourtime business] aims to provide a personalized tool for businesses and other organizations in promoting themselves or providing a high-end notebook to their clients, partners and collaborators.

[allyourtime small business]

Our small business solution comes handy for small businesses and organizations who are working with a smaller group of clients and partners. For them, we propose a personalization starting from a dedicated cover page enhanced with a special leaflet presenting the story of the small business or brand. This can come handy as a special gift for partners as a recognition of cooperation but also as a brand awareness tool for future clients and partners.

It can also be catching that we can deliver smaller quantities starting from 30 pieces, adapted to the needs of our customers, the delivery period being also shorter, 2-3 weeks.

[allyourtime business pro]

Our business pro solution goes even further providing the flexibility for our partner to decide not just on the special cover, but also for a specialized internal content of the notebook. We developed over a dozen interior page designs.

Additionally, our designers from BOLD. Branding Studio are ready to take the challenge to come up with further special page designs for your PRO edition.

We are able to provide PRO editions for any interested party for a minimal order of 500 copies with delivery time up to one month depending on the personalization process.

Our intro partner, BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank)

We are proud to present that our PRO intro client is BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank). The [allyourtime George pro] notebook highlights one of the most innovative products of the bank, the George smart banking app.

By the way, George was the first autopilot over 100 years ago. Or 1912, to be more precise when American Lawrence Sperry’s managed to connect his father’s gyroscopic heading indicator to hydraulically-operated elevators and a rudder. He christened his invention an “autopilot,” although it later became popularly known in flying circles as “George.” (Source: Scandinavian Traveler https://scandinaviantraveler.com/en/aviation/the-story-of-the-worlds-first-autopilot#:~:text=He%20christened%20his%20invention%20an,runs%20back%20in%20the%20US.)

The [allyourtime George pro] edition’s cover was created by designer Victor Fota and curated by One Night Gallery. Its cover is ready for an AR experience with the dARe app by Samsung.