February is the month where we just sense the vibes in the air. You feel it, we feel it to. So, as your attention might be focused on getting your bond with your partner stronger, our attention is focused on getting the bond stronger with you.

The idea is very simple. You go to our Couple Pack product, you select what type of notebook or planner you want for your partner and the one you want for yourself, and you will just pay for the first of them. The second one is completely on us.

The promotion is valid for all types of Compass planners (Aqua, Origin, Jade, Dark and Made in Cluj) but also for all types of Nebula notebooks (Aqua, Origin, Jade, Dark and Made in Cluj).

The promotion will go until the end of the month. So, buckle up and plan your future with our notebooks and planners.

Love is in the air!