We enhanced our [allyourtime] Control Desktop solution. Starting from the New Year, all our existing registered users or those who purchased our COMPASS 2021 planners or NEBULA notebooks will have premium access until the end of 2021 to this extra way of taking over your time. This means that your moments notes, and tasks just received a greater overall picture.

Just open your browser, access https://control.allyourtime.com, enter your credentials, and YOU’RE IN.

If you haven't downloaded our app yet, you can search for 'allyourtime' in the AppStore or Google Play or just start doing it here. https://allyourtime.com/downloads/


Having an overall picture of your current state of affairs is important in taking projecting the immediate future. Our philosophy is inspired by Michio Kaku’s definition about human consciousness, being “a specific form of consciousness that created a model of the world and then simulates it in time, by evaluating the past to foresee the future. This requires mediating and evaluating many feedback loops in order to make a decision and achieve a goal.”. Well, we truly seek to create an digital and hybrid tool to serve this purpose.

Our triple approach to time management is truly represented in this new feature. Here you see our avatar, Brian from the city of Oyton, a clever CEO of BRIAN&Co., a construction company which plans a 2021 with extending its actions within the city but also in Europe.

But while we are fans of this triangle, some of you might not be. Hence, just on the lower left side of your screen you are able to show or hide just any of the three functions, at your convenience. The Control screen will just readapt to show you what is essential to you.

Our filtering and categorization received a full section on the left side just below the calendar view. If your notes of various types will get large in number, you will be able to find anything just typing the keywords you are looking for. One can also filter based on categories which are also just some ON/OFF buttons on a machine. One is also able to see entries from more than one category, simultaneously. And just for people to know, we did not put an upper limit on categories. Just edit them in My Categories.


Our section for your moments shows your upcoming meetings or times reserved for anything you want to do. You have the chance to see the big picture but also to block some time for yourself to focus on your most essential things. As you see here, Brian’s first week schedule is rather simple as he still spends some time in the mountains while conducting some Zoom calls.

However, Brian, as a new user has already created some essential notes related to his business, notes which he will continue to edit and update in due time. Also, when needed, he will share his notes with other colleagues. Whenever he shares, he always creates an instant copy of the current state of that entry, so, his colleagues will be able to take that entry over and continue developing it separately. Yes, you might ask yourself if  ‘shared editing’ is also possible. We can hint you that we are working on the team function.

Not the least, Brian has mapped some of his task for the upcoming days and weeks although he is still populating his task list. A good thing is that he already managed to some of the most urgent ones. A-B-C categorization of tasks on urgency and importance are a feature of [allyourtime], too.


One can add new entries very simply. The bottom part of the screen contains the usual + button which might be familiar from the iOS and Android apps already. You just push +, select what you want to create and there you go. However, if you need an even faster way of doing this, our quick add is also visible on the bottom part our screen. If you need to take fast notes, just enter a quick title, push enter and start recording your thought in a written form.

One thing is viewing, but there is also editing which is now available at its full potential.

Here one can see a situation when there are two open entries. This is a good feature also when one needs to see content from one entry while working on the other one. Saving, closing, or continuing editing are just one click away in all situations,

Does this seem too crowded? One can just pop a window out into a new tab. Note it also, that on the lover middle part of the screen currently open entries are also listed. And while it is not visible here, one can also mute the list of open items on the left border.

We inserted simple formatting into the editing section without making it too complicated.

CONNECT, SHARE and ATTACH are also available. One can simply connect any note with any moment or task by just simply starting to type the name of an entry. While typing, Control searches for all possible entries containing the phrase in their title. Sharing allows the entry to be shared with anybody inside or outside [allyourtime]. Not the least, entries can be enhanced with additional attached documents.