While it is one of the most complicated notions, our life evolves pretty much around time: how much time we have altogether, for what do we not have enough time, or how we manage our time individually and also through our social fabric.

There is no time travel in a strict sense of its meaning. However, we are travelling in time every day when we try to recall a memory from the past or when we try to foresee the future.

The physician Michio Kaku connected the notion of human consciousness to our relation to the past and the future. In his 2014 book called The Future of the Mind, he provides the following definition:

“Human consciousness is a specific form of consciousness that creates a model of the world and then simulates it in time, by evaluating the past to simulate the future. This requires mediating and evaluating many feedback loops in order to make a decision to achieve a goal.”

Our interest at [allyourtime] connects to this notion in several ways. We are seeking solutions and ways which help people to go back in time in order to be able to understand their own self better. At the same time, we are seeking to develop tools for helping people simulating their future by deciding on how they use their time for the things which are important for them.

So, in this context we focus on three basic functions in people’s lives:

* RECORDING what we they do by taking notes by hand or electronically;

* MANAGING notes recorded in the past for their availability in the future;

* PREDICTING by influencing their own self in the future.

This might just be the best possible time travel for us.