As a beginner in time management it is difficult to find a planner or a notebook that serves your needs. Many of us go through multiple notebooks until we find the one. However, suddenly we notice that the shelf is piled high with half-finished or blank notebooks.

These planners shouldn’t be thrown away immediately. Despite the fact that they are out of date or that they didn’t give us what we imagined, with a little creativity you can repurpose them in many different ways. In this entry we have gathered 5 methods for saving your old planner.


Journaling is the easiest way to reuse an empty planner or notebook. For journaling to work you don’t have to follow a technique or to be on a schedule with it. (If you are interested in journaling techniques, you can read farder on the subject here). Is enough to have a few quiet moments for yourself and write down your thoughts. This form of self-expression can have a therapeutic effect.


Store your memories in a scrapbook! Scrapbooks can be made out of any notebook. Most of the time scrapbooks contain images and mementos of experiences that we want to remember. If you choose an unused planner for a scrapbook don’t bother with the dates, they can be easily hidden with a bit of creativity.

Note taking

If creativity isn’t one of your strengths you can use the empty papers for note taking. There are many instances when we have to quickly write down something and we cannot find a piece of paper for it. This becomes simple when you have a notebook on your desk that you can reach for at any time.

Make post-it notes

Using post-it notes is another form of note-taking. From unfinished planners that have empty pages left, zou can make your own post-it notes. This way you will save up money and time.

Give it away!

If you're a parent you don’t have to bother giving an unutilized planner away. Give that planner to your children and they will use it with creativity. However, don’t be afraid to give an unused notebook or planner to someone else as a present. Maybe that will be their first step towards time management.

Besides all the methods mentioned above, if you still decide to throw the notebook or planners away, don’t forget to recycle them! 

Written by: Nagy Edina